Abdul Wahed


Mr. Abdul Wahed is a renowned business personality in the Textile Sector of Bangladesh. After completing Bachelor of Science, he started his professional life with construction business in 1982. Later in 1991, he along with his three brothers ventured into Ready Made Garments export business by setting up a factory named “Dulal Brothers Ltd”.

M. A. Jabbar

Managing Director

A visionary and specialist in the field of business, adapting to changes in global markets and businesses, and a keen interest in CSR and Sustainability, Mr. M. A. Jabbar is a distinguished business personality in Bangladesh and the main architect of DBL Group.

M. A. Rahim


Mr. M. A. Rahim obtained his Master Degree in Management and began his professional career as a banker. His work experience in bank greatly helped in gaining insight into the commercial and finance aspects of businesses.

M. A. Quader

Deputy Managing Director & Group CEO

Mr. M. A. Quader completed Bachelors of Commerce and joined Dulal Brothers Limited in the garments production department. With sincere efforts, he was quickly able to learn the garments manufacturing operations.