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DBL Group is a diversified conglomerate which has vertically integrated apparel and textile manufacturing facilities, with concerns in Ceramics Tiles, Semiconductor Design (VLSI), Pharmaceuticals, Sewing Thread, Dyed Fiber & Yarn, ICT & Telecommunications etc. DBL Group started its journey in 1991 and till date, it has resulted in a conglomerate of 23 concerns.

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No Water, No Life: Water saving practices of DBL Group

71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. An adult human body has on the average 50% to 65% water; in infants, this is up to 78%. Relating to water, the famous poet W. H. Auden…

Family Planning Corner: Promoting Well-being

“A healthy place is a happy place” is an old saying but something which will always remain. “Healthy” refers not just to the physical attributes but the psychological issues as well. For women, the cases are more…

Advancing with SDG 5: Gender Equality

A continuously growing industry, DBL Group is a diversified business entity which has vertically integrated textile and apparel manufacturing facilities. DBL started business in 1991 and today has 22,595 employees with a turnover of US$ 320 million…

Community Engagement and Development

Primitive societies flourished through collective effort and bartering, which was based on a simple “give-and-take” mechanism. Then for generations, focus was on the individual drivers of success: passion, hard work, talent, and luck. But in today’s dramatically…

“Bandhan” Fair Price Shop

Economists say that the financial crisis of 2007-08 was one of the worst financial crises since the Great Depression of the 1930s. The impact hit all economies and Bangladesh was not an exception. Prices of goods increased…

Case Studies

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Our Businesses

Our businesses include Spinning, Knitting, Dyeing, All over printing, Screen Printing, Apparels, Washing, Packaging, Garments Accessories, DBL Ceramics Ltd. , Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Sewing Thread (Eco threads & yarns), Dredging, VLSI Design (Neural Semiconductor Ltd.), Embroidery, Distribution, Sports, etc.


We envision to sustain and grow as a diversified global conglomerate.


We strive to attain our vision by practicing corporate governance, empowering and inspiring our associates, being transparent in our work process, continuously developing expertise, meeting & exceeding customer needs, demands & expectations, maintaining quality & consistency of our products & services, engaging with community, caring for environment and maintaining networks with our global partners.

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